Bulk SMS

In this age of mobile revolution, it is extremely important to stay in touch with technology at all times. Bulk SMS are the fastest way for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds. Today’s better way of interaction is through trusted and personalized SMS communications. Brandz on web provides Bulk SMS where SMS messages are instant, reliable and personal, features which have demonstrated to be effective in improving customer service.

Brandz Bulk SMS

Online Bulk SMS Service

Now mobile has become an easiest way of communication & effective brand promotion.

Bulk SMS is a platform from where you can shoot thousands of SMS through web platform.

We provide user friendly interface that makes it easy to send your Business or personal invitation messages in one go.

Service Features

Unlimited sender IDs

Unlimited validity

Instant account set up

100% reliable

24x7 customer support

ID creation for DND numbers

Now start your marketing plan with Bulk SMS service from Brandz

We offer Transactional SMS packages & Promotional SMS packages, both are widely used in market.

Transactional SMS is a trouble free facility through SMS gateway, where user can register its firm

Bulk SMS Plans


Transactional SMS

Package SMS Credits Per SMS Cost Cost In INR Validity
Trial-1 1000 0.20/- 200/- Unlimited
Trial-2 2000 0.20/- 400/- Unlimited
Bronz 3000 0.20/- 600/- Unlimited
Silver 4000 0.20/- 800/- Unlimited
Gold 5000 0.19/- 950/- Unlimited
Diamond 10000 0.18/- 1800/- Unlimited
Platinum 50000 0.17/- 8500/- Unlimited
Super saver 100000 0.16/- 16000/- Unlimited



Promotional SMS

Package SMS Credits Per SMS Cost Cost In INR Validity
Trial-1 1000 0.17/- 170/- Unlimited
Trial-2 2000 0.17/- 340/- Unlimited
Bronz 3000 0.17/- 510/- Unlimited
Silver 4000 0.17/- 680/- Unlimited
Gold 5000 0.16/- 800/- Unlimited
Diamond 10000 0.15/- 1500/- Unlimited
Platinum 50000 0.14/- 7000/- Unlimited
Super saver 100000 0.13/- 13000/- Unlimited


Features :

No setup costs

No license costs

No monthly costs

No sender ID cost

You just pay a small fee per SMS

FREE API Integration Code

Terms & Conditions:

Payment will be 100% advance

Get the templates approved with fixed & variable fields only for system api generated sms which is under trai regulations.

Sender Id should be in block letter( Six Character).

Templates with special characters (i.e. #,@,&,<,>,?,:,",',^,*%% Enter command etc.) will not be approve and do not use any special character in any variable part of message content.

1 sms ( 160 character ) = 1 credit only

Transitional SMS Formats

School And Colleges

Dear parent, your Son/Daughter is absent %% for %%. Please contact Class teacher. Dear student your fee due is %%%%% your fee due date is %%%% ABC school / college.


Dear customer your Ac %% has been debited by Rs.%% now your account balance is Rs.%% Thanks. Dear customer your credit card bill due Rs.%%% bill payment due date is %%%%%% thanks.


Dear %%,Booking has been Confirmed.Booking Tkt No~, Pnr-%%,AirLine-%%,Pax Name-%% Thanks. Dear customer your pnr %%%%%% has been confirm thanks.

Website-Software Generated SMS

dear %%%%% thanks for registering.your user name %%%% your password %%%%. dear %%%%% your activation code is %%%% thanks for registering.


||%%|| स.न.वि.वि.आमचे येथे %%% कृपेने चि.%% व चि.सौ.का.%% ||यांचा शुभविवाह|| दि.%% रोजी दुपारी %% या शुभ मुहूर्तावर योजिले आहे. तरी आपण उपस्थित रहावे. स्थळ-%% निमंत्रक- श्री. %% मो. %% समस्त %% परिवार