On Page Optimisation

Getting a good ranking in a search engine hasn’t been the easiest thing for many. Search engines are getting more smart and intelligent, so now it’s essential to top your content for competitors. On page optimization is the first step of SEO which refers to the factors that can be taken within the website in order to improve websites position with high ranking. Brandz on web offers on Page services which include following methods: SEO content, Website Audit, Keyword Research, Sitemap Creation, Robots.txt Creation, Website Speed Test, and Broken Link Checker which maintains websites internal structure and obtains high rank. We resolve technical problems.

Brandz On Page Optimisation

On Site Optimisation Checklist

SEO process starts with the initial stage of designing & development of website, but if you have already developed website, then we need control of your website, so that we can embed required SEO keywords mapping, meta tags, image optimization, W3C validations, site maps, robots.txt

We continuously update ourselves with the upcoming trends, technology & tactics of SEO which we called as T3 which is foundation of SEO.

SEO is not only technology, it’s an understanding how search engines actually thinks to grade your website. There is no one fixed trend of search engine’s logic on which it works, it regularly changes and upgrades itself, accordingly all the time SEO experts need to understand it to make changes in SEO implementation. An SEO expert needs to be alert all the time.

In fact SEO is a continuous process, its not a one time job, it’s a logical fuel for your website, which actually make runs website online.

There are various steps to be followed for on page optimisation as follows

Website Audit Report

In this report we deeply evaluate website & finds the objects lacking in the website with reference to SEO.

Keyword Research Report

In this report Keyword search analysis is implemented, which is very important course of action that plays an integral role for the better results in SEO

Baseline Report

In this report, we plan to focus specific URL of website with reference to key words needed for SEO, as well as if required, we also suggest to create new pages also

Initial SEO Content Report

In this Report, We cover all Meta optimisation, Content optimisation, Image optimisation, Heading Tags Optimisation

Sitemap Robots.txt Creation

In this report, we create both XML sitemap & Html Sitemap. Also we create Robots.txt

Website Technical Report

In this report, we do actual solution on 301, 404 methods, Google Analytics set up, webmaster set up

Website Speed Test

Website speed test is monthly procedure to carried out for batter rank, in this test,monthly we test your website rankings and analyze your website to see how to improve rankings for specific keywords using onsite SEO.

Broken Link Checker

Broken link checking is also a monthly process where we monitor that Broken links cause crawl errors with search engine spiders & can spoil rankings, it's important to retest this monthly to ensure that all links on the site work and are valid. Crawl error sources displays the source URL containing the broken link to their site -- no matter where it exists on the web.